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HazCom Training Features

Clear, concise

Training consists of six modules designed to give you the information you need, in an easy-to-understand format.

Visual and audio

Animation, audio and form tutorials keep trainees interested and engaged in the learning process.

assessment quizzes

Quizzes appear at the end of each course to demonstrate that learning has occurred.

Printable online

A certificate of completion is available at training completion for verification.

Making Compliance Easy

Immediate Results

  • Quiz completion is required for each course.
  • Training is complete once all quizzes have been passed.

Email Notifications

  • Email notification sent automatically to user and designated organization contact once training has been completed.

Tracking Completions

Designated contacts have the ability to:

  • View status of all trainees
  • View completion dates
  • View individual trainee transcript
  • Export data to downloadable report

Self-Generated Reports

  • Completion status is immediately available for up-to-date accuracy.
  • Reports can be generated using filters and scalable timeframes.
Billing Details

Flexible Billing Options:

  1. One-time set-up fee for training: $200
  2. Scalable fee based on number of trainees:
    1-100 trainees$10 each
    101-500 trainees$8 each
    501-1000 trainees$7 each
    Over 1000 trainees$5 each

Billing Details: